12/3/2019 - United States
Angela Nicole Shearrow
Baby Name: Angela Nicole Shearrow

To my sweet baby... mommy is so sorry. I love you forever. I thank the Lord that He gave me the chance to hold you before I gave you back. I know you heard my last words before you were taken from me. I wanted you. You were mine. I will see you in heaven, my precious baby.  

12/2/2019 - United States
Theo's Grandma
Baby Name: Theo

Dear Theo,
Your beautiful happy soul and spirit will forever be in my heart. I'll never forget you. I'm your grandma, and I love you! God gave me your name. Theo means divine gift! I'll see you in heaven.
Love Grandma G   

12/2/2019 - Australia
With Regret
Baby Name: David

I never got to see you!
I never got to hold you!
But you are in my heart where I can love you! 

12/2/2019 - Australia
With Regret
Baby Name: David

I never got to see you!
I never got to hold you!
But you in my heart, I can love you! 

11/27/2019 - United States
Baby Scott
Baby Name: Daniel Wayne

We will meet someday at the feet of Jesus. No more pain, no more grief.   

11/26/2019 - Australia
Baby Name: Alex

Today marks two years to the day since your mother, my wife, decided to end your life over my objections. I don’t even know if you were a boy or a girl – but I chose the name Alex for you (as it can be a boy's or girl's name). Alex, I wanted you to live, to be born and to join our family and meet your two sisters. I wanted to meet you, to see you grow up and live your life.

My wife, out of fear, denied you that opportunity. She was scared. She was in a tough place at work. She had only been there for a year, having moved from a job she loved but had outgrown. Her boss was promoted to a new role shortly after she started, and his replacement made her life a living hell. She was bullied relentlessly and ended up with an anxiety disorder and fears of engaging in self-harm.

However, at the time she found out she was pregnant with you, she was well on the road to recovery with the help of a psychologist. She was applying for jobs. She’d had interviews, referees had been contacted.

But she was scared she would not find another job and would end up ‘stuck at home with three kids under six’ and that the ‘stress of having three kids would drive me suicidal’ – even though her treating psychologist had said there was no such risk.

I tried. I tried so hard to save you Alex. I tried to rationally examine the situation with my wife:
• We were financially stable, very well-off, even. We had more than a year of our salaries in cash savings, so we wouldn’t struggle for money even if one of us didn’t work for a year or more
• We had family and paid support (an au pair, who was great)
• We had a large house with a spare bedroom for you.
• You would need at most only six weeks off work (if she had another c-section) if that is what you wanted
• I have enough leave that I can take 6 months off work to raise the child at full pay, or 12 months at half-pay (which we can have afford) so you can go back to your career
• The impact on your career will be minimal, you are leaving her bullying boss and job.
• My mother (with whom she got along with fantastically) had recently retired and would help us out in a flash, and lived just down the road.

But it wasn’t enough. I tried. I tried to save you Alex, I really did. I tried to explain to my wife that we could afford to have you, that her career would progress, that she would find a new job, that she wouldn’t become suicidal (which her treating psychologist had also told her wouldn’t happen), that we could do this.

But I failed. She chose to end your life out of fear. I am so sorry I could not save you Alex.

Please forgive me.

Alex, I am also angry at the clinic that enabled my wife to end your life. Where we lived at the time, abortion was only available where there was a substantive risk to the mother or child, including socio-economic risks (i.e. poverty), domestic violence or medical/psychological risk. That is, there was not abortion-on-demand. There had to be a "reason" related to a risk.

No such risks existed.

We were a loving, financially secure, church-going family. Despite her fears, there was no risk to you Alex, or to her. I am angry that the clinic simply listened to my wife’s fears and didn’t even bother to ring her doctor or psychologist, or simply make her wait a week and see a counselor. Maybe if they had, they would have refused to kill you on the grounds you were not at risk, and nor was there any risk to your mother.

But that didn’t happen. On 27 November 2017, my wife ended your life, despite me pleading and begging her not to. I am so sorry I failed you, Alex. I wanted to meet you, to hold you and see you grow.

Two years on, the pain remains. I have come to understand that my wife was truly scared, that she truly believed she couldn’t cope, and that her mental health would have deteriorated had you been born. But I also know, deep down, that she was wrong, and it was wrong to take out those fears on you, Alex, and to end your life.

Alex, I love you. I hope that you are with your stillborn cousin Daniel in heaven, along with my grandparents and your grandparents on your mum’s side. Alex, I hope you can forgive me for not saving you, for not finding the right words to persuade my wife, your mum, to keep you and not end your life. But, mostly, I hope that you will forgive your mum for what she did out of fear.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you, Alex. Your sisters have often expressed a strong desire for another sibling – a sign I take that our family is not complete, and you, Alex, were meant to complete it.

I also pray that God will forgive me for failing to save you, and will forgive my wife for her weakness that ended your life. I also pray that our marriage will heal over the years to come, and that one day, your mum, my wife, will find it in her hear to apologise, not for hurting me (which she has) but for ending your life. I hope she repents and asks for your forgiveness God.

I also pray for other married and partnered men who find themselves with a pregnant wife or partner who is questioning having the baby, or scared, that they find the words I didn’t, to save the life of their children. I pray that more men who have had their unborn children killed over their objections find the courage to speak out with grace, humility, and dignity, to give a voice to the pain that I felt, still feel, and want no other man to go through.

Most of all, I pray that God takes my little unborn Alex into His kingdom and protects Alex in a manner I could not and failed to. I love you, Alex, and miss you every day.


11/26/2019 - United States
Baby Huffman
Baby Name: Baby Kylee ( I always felt you were my girl)

My beautiful child, I love you so much, it hurts really bad sometimes. It was love that you became a part of me. I was so excited and scared, because I was 19 years old, but I wanted you so much! Your dad at the time didn't think so, which resulted in a forced decision that took a piece of my heart that can't ever be filled. I wish I hadn't felt so alone, that I had someone to help me, someone to say it would be ok and that they would have helped me. I miss you so much, and sometimes it hurts really bad. I long to see your face. You have never and will never be forgotten. It has been 26 years now that I lost you, my precious sweet baby. I know Jesus has you, He is your daddy now. That brings peace to me. It is just the emptiness of you not being here that hurts so much! There is no sorry deep enough to tell you. However, my love for you is so, so great! I long for the day to meet you in heaven, to hug you and spend eternity with you. I loved you then, I love you now and will love you forever. Please forgive me, your mommy.  

11/26/2019 - United States
Baby Fraley
Baby Name: Howard IV or Summer Faith

Sweet Child, you were conceived in love and killed in fear. Your dad and I let fear overcome our love for you, and we have been sorry for each and every day since. We missed having you bless our lives. You have two full siblings, who are now 30 and 24. You would have been 32 last June. We have always thought you were my husband’s namesake, but I also had a girls name picked out, just in case. Your sister and brother know about you now that they are adults- and so do all your grandparents (two are already there in Heaven with you, no doubt enjoying your company) and extended family. We will never stop being sorry for missing out on the beauty that was you. Rest In Peace, dear child of my heart. Psalm 139    

11/26/2019 - United States
Baby E
Baby Name: Baby E

You are my first. You are my unknown. You are my reason for everything I am today.
I love you and I am sorry.

11/14/2019 - United States
Baby Name: Baby Kyndall Payne

To my sweet baby. It’s been 13 years since I lost you, and I think about you everyday. I know you are around me, and I know one day you are going to come back to me and Travis. May you continue to communicate with me as I know you do. One day we will be able to be together forever in Heaven. Until then, continue to guide our lives and help bring mommy and daddy back together. I love you, my precious baby.        

10/21/2019 - United States
Baby Name: Clare John Miller

My love and my sweet Clare,
I am always with you and you are always with me. I know some day that I will be with you again and run through that flowered field enjoying ourselves. Until that day my sweet, know I love you and think of you often!

All my love,

10/18/2019 - United States
Baby Name: 3 unborn babies

My babies! Oh, how I long to have seen you and known you. My heart aches so much for the grave mistakes (so many) that I have made. Please forgive me! Baby 1, you did not have a heartbeat and passed in my womb. Baby 2, your father never knew you existed, and I was so hurt and in pain and felt I was already not a good mom to your two other half-siblings. Baby 3, you have a full sister that I wish you could have met. You both would have been so close. Your sister is now pregnant and will be having her early next year, so you would have been an aunt. I wasn't thinking clearly when I made the choices that I did, and I very much regret those before you and before God. I pray for forgiveness and to be reunited with you some day. May you all rest in peace until we can be together! You have now met your half brother, who died by suicide in 2017. I know he is comforting you all and waiting for our return. Love you more than words can say. Your momma forever 

9/19/2019 - United States
Baby Bianco
Baby Name: Justine (Tina) Bianco

Dearest little 4 month old fetus...I am so very sorry not to have been a Good Mother to you. I was emotionally so immature and unprepared for this, and I did not want to conceive at that point. There was pressure from your Father and a bad decision was made. But I know when you were conceived. You would be 27 years old right now, with a birthday on January 28th. You would have had auburn hair and hazel green eyes...I hope we can meet one day, and I can hold you. You have a half-brother named Trey, who is 16 years old and my life. I am so very sorry I could not have let you live one. But love to you always, You were my first child...  

9/19/2019 - United States
Kitty K.
Baby Name: Embrion #1

Dear, please forgive Mommy for not giving you a chance to come to this world. I know you could have been a successful individual, a right partner, and an excellent Granny. Unfortunately, part of you was from an unkind man; that's why you had to end up as an aborted child 27+ years ago. I am sorry about it and hope you rest in peace.      

9/14/2019 - United States
Steve R. T. Hardy
Baby Name: Elizabeth or Thomas

I love you no matter what.

9/4/2019 - United States
Beautiful Baby
Baby Name: Beautiful Baby

Hi baby. We've had a few conversations through the years. But until now my heart had not felt the heaviness of the absence of you in my life. I've felt so unworthy to grieve and mourn. I've felt the guilt and overwhelming regret, which haunts me often. I wish with all my heart I could go back and change that date. I wish I could just have never gone into that room. I was so lost that I couldn't imagine raising someone in the hell I was in. Somehow deep inside of me, I feel you forgive me. Maybe because I know you are God's. I also somehow can't comprehend what would make me do something so stupid. I've had this buried in my heart, and I pray God helps me heal. But even if I don't, I just pray He allows me to see you one day, like actually hold you and hug you. I wonder so much when I allow my mind to do so. But I often times just can't. I hope to be able to hold you and love you one day. Love, Mom

8/23/2019 - United States
Baby Name: Saleen/Celine

Hello my little girl! This is your Dad! I think about you all the time and pray that you will forgive me for not protecting you. I know you are up in heaven with God and pray that some day I will get to meet you. That is my one true wish in life! Every time I see your older sister, I think of what you would have looked like and how you two would be playing together. Your sweetheart sister would have absolutely adored you! I still look at your ultrasound images and imagine what it would have been like if you were here with us! I vividly remember you playing in your mom's belly during the ultrasound... you seemed so happy, and that image is going to be with me, in my heart, forever! Everyday I think of you, and my heart aches for the pain and suffering you went through, and the denial of a beautiful life you would have had. I know I am not worthy of your forgiveness, but maybe one day, when I finally get to meet you, I can hold you tight in my arms! I love you my dear child and you will always be in my heart. Your unworthy Father

7/27/2019 - United States
To My Three Unborn Angels
Baby Name: 3 Angels

How can a mother make the same terrible mistake three times in a row? I was afraid and scared to face my problems alone and without any support, and I took the easy way out, never realizing how foolish and selfish I was, living only for myself and turning away from GOD. I committed murder by killing not once but three times. Now I have confessed my sins and try to repent for the horror I have committed. I love you all, pray you can forgive me, and know you are in GOD’S arms. You will be loved and cherished till we meet again. 

7/19/2019 - United States
Baby B
Baby Name: Baby B

I’m so sorry. You have 3 siblings now, but you’ll always be my first baby. Please forgive me. I love you so much. At the time I thought I was doing the right thing, and I couldn’t see any other way. It's been 17 years ago now, and I miss you so much.  

7/15/2019 - United States
Baby Name: Baby

Please forgive me, Baby. My heart will hurt forever that I did not give you a chance. Please know that you are loved. I have a little stuffed lamb next to my bed to represent you. I'm trying hard to be a good person, so that I can make it to heaven someday to meet you. Love you always.  

7/9/2019 - United States
Baby Name: Grace, Garrett, Grayson

I love you with an unconditional, everlasting love! Please forgive me for valuing the acceptance of those who did not even care over your precious lives. I cannot wait to see you when I step through the gates of Heaven, my precious children! Christ's arms are full with your smiling faces, so I leave you for now, knowing you are being lovingly care for by our Heavenly Father and that I will see again one day.
With the deepest and sincerest regret and love,
Your mother Robin    

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