1/5/2022 - United States
My Baby Girl Auna
Baby Name: Auna

I love you very much and I know one day we will meet again.

Love Mom  

1/1/2022 - United States
My Beloved Michael
Baby Name: Michael

My beloved Michael,

Happy 35th Birthday my love!

I yearn and miss you so very much every single day. But, I rest assured that you are watching, protecting, interceding and guiding me every minute.

My little one, although your existence was brief, you came to save my life. I know you, and GOD forgave me (and your father too) the minute I stepped into the physician's office. Your precious life was sacrificed to show me the meaning of forgiveness and redemption. Thank you my love for such beautiful and priceless gifts that I did not deserve.

I will continue striving to be the best version of myself. Spreading the word on post-abortion healing to help other grieving mothers to forgive themselves and establish a relationship with their unborn babies. I know you are proud of me, and you cheer me on everytime an unborn baby is acknowledged. I will never stop my mission and talking about you my beloved son. Your precious life was not sacrificed in vain. I am working hard to be a good person, so I can be worthy of seeing you at heaven's gates and never ever be separated from you again.

Until then, I will continue to honor you my love. I love you so much. Please continue to be my light, my strength, my rock, and continue to intercede for me and your father.

I love you Michael!

Forever in my heart and soul,


11/9/2021 - United States
Baby Name: Michael

My Precious Son, Michael,
I know that because of Jesus, I will be given the privilege of meeting you someday in heaven. I have carried the emptiness of not having you in my life for years. I want you to know how deeply I love you. I can't wait until we can wrap our arms around one another for all of eternity. You are my precious son.
Love, Mom  

11/4/2021 - United States
Baby Name: Chase

I am so sorry what I did to you and if I could undo, I would in a heartbeat. I have missed you every day of my life and will continue until I pass on. I love you with my whole heart.  

9/14/2021 - United States
My child
Baby Name: Angel

How can I justify this? I committed the most terrible decision to stop your life. I could have had you. I am so sorry. I love you and hope to see your face again. How could this be? You were so tiny and I was not available to you, but I love you . Nothing good comes from fear. You made me have faith. Too many bad things , in a row broke my spirit. There are no more excuses in my heart. What I did to you was very wrong , as wrong as I could be. But I can look you in the eye, a totally innocent being and ask for your forgiveness. Love from your mommy.   

9/14/2021 - United States
My first child
Baby Name: Gabriel

I love you. I wanted you. I’m so sorry for agreeing with the people who hurt you. I could have run away with you. I could have fought harder to keep you. You changed my life forever in the short time we were together on this planet. I pray, asking you for forgiveness. I hope I can hug you someday, love from your mommy.  

9/10/2021 - Mexico
💞My little Angel 👼 (Danny) 🌷🙏🏻
Baby Name: Memoria de:Daniel Germayn Aguilar Oliveros (Danny)

Febrero 2003 ✝️ Mayo 2003

👼🙏🏻Pero Jesús dijo: Dejad a los niños venir a mí, y no se lo impidáis; porque de los tales es el reino de los cielos (Mateo 19:14) 👼🙏🏻📿🌹✝️

🙏🏻Simpre pensamos en ti mi amor, mi angelito 👼 y esperamos el día de la resurrección donde nos reuniremos, para estar eternamente contigo, en el nombre de Jesús y con la intercepción de nuestra Madre Santicima, Amen 🙏🏻 📿

👼🙏🏻 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” (Matthew 19:14) 🙏🏻📿

🙏🏻We always think of you my love, my little angel 👼 and we wait for the day of resurrection where we will meet, to be with you eternally, in the name of Jesus and with the interception of our Holy Mother, Amen.

9/10/2021 - Mexico
My little Angel 👼 Danny…
Baby Name: Daniel Germayn Aguilar Oliveros (Danny)

🙏🏻👼Pero Jesús dijo: “Dejen que los niños se acerquen a mí y no se lo impidan, porque el Reino de Dios es de los que son como ellos. Les aseguro que el que no reciba el Reino de Dios como un niño, no entrará en él". Después tomó en brazos a los niños y los bendijo imponiéndoles las manos (Mateo 19:14). 🙏🏻👼

🙏🏻👼Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these (Matthew 19:14) 🙏🏻👼     

9/6/2021 - United States
My Little Angel
Baby Name: Bethany

I’m so sorry little one, I was so scared, so alone and I took bad advice. I loved you, and still do. You now have two brothers and two who are in heaven with you, they chose to leave before they were born. I know you are not alone. I regret the decision and actions I took the day, you went home! I would loved to have you here with me to see the Beautiful person you would be, the family you would have. I still keep track of your age as if you were here. I can’t wait to meet you in heaven my child. I still love and miss you! ❤️ 💔 ❤️‍🩹    

8/28/2021 - Canada
Baby Name: Matthew Gorman

Hi baby,

I just came to the realization that your dad never loved me and that is why he wanted to abort you. That and he thought his life was more important then yours and you were still a blob not a baby.

I’m sorry that he couldn’t love me and in turn love you. He was very selfish and immature. I doubt this bothers him at all. I hope when he meets his maker he gets to see you and you can judge him.

I forgave him. Not because he deserves it but because I deserve some peace.

If I had known the type of person he was, I wouldn’t have loved him either.

Sorry Matthew.

8/9/2021 - United States
My second grandchild
Baby Name: Baby Elliott

To my second grandchild, I never knew you because, out of fear, your mother chose to abort you without any of the facts about what she was doing. You would have been 18 this year. I know you have been reunited with mommy in heaven now. I miss you both every day of my life. Love, Mawmaw    

7/9/2021 - United States
Baby Name: Little one

Dear Little One,

You have no idea how much I think of you. How I miss you and hate what I allowed myself to do to you. I loved you with every bit of my being, yet I allowed people to convince me that convenience was more important than my maternal rights.

I was just a teenager, but even 20 years later I know that was wrong. I could have been a good mother to you. We would have been able to be a family together. I would have done everything for you, the same way that I now do it for your brothers and sisters.

Society tried to tell me that big families are a burden, or motherhood in general. Now that you have 2 brothers and 2 sisters, I cannot express how sad I am for not giving you a chance at life and the opportunity to know the joy our home has with so much love in it. I am so sorry. No one can take away this loss. But I hope that in finally putting this in writing, we can be free and meet again someday.


7/6/2021 - Canada
Baby Name: Matthew Gorman

Just wanted to reflect: 20 years ago I was pregnant with you… by the end of the month you were gone 😢. I am so sorry sweetie. I was young and naive and if I really understood and knew what I was in store for I never would have.
I wanted you to have a happy life, 2 parents and want for nothing. I was told that I couldn’t have that and it was the world against me. I’m sorry I was scared and believed them. I’m sorry I didn’t have a better home life and parents- they were crappy!
I’m sorry your dad didn’t want you and wouldn’t tell his parents. I’m sorry he never really grew up.

I wish we had had help and resources and that maybe the timing was better.
I miss you everyday. I think about you now reflecting on 20 years that I’ve lived without you. They say it was my choice but it didn’t feel that way. It felt like his choice on my body.

Miss you baby

6/28/2021 - United States
My Second Child
Baby Name: Violet

I was 22 years old when I found out I was pregnant. It was just me, no father in the picture. My mom and my aunt both tried to convince me that abortion would be the best option, and both of them were going to help me pay for the abortion, but I stood up for my baby and decided on keeping it. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on September 20, 2013.

My second pregnancy was when I was 26. Unplanned like my first one, but things were different for me. I was a single mother raising my beautiful three year old daughter, and I was just starting to get my life rolling. Had a job, had a car, had my own apartment, and I was happy with life. My second pregnancy made me think, and the word "abortion" entered my mind. I was mad at myself for even thinking such a thing, but over the next few weeks I told myself that abortion would be the easy way out. I don't want to be "THAT GIRL" that is unmarried with two children with two different fathers. I don't want this accident to destroy my wonderful little life that I got going for me. I don't want anybody judgment me for having a second child.

I told my mom about my pregnancy, and told her I planned on having an abortion. My mom gave me the greatest of hugs and the most support possible, she never even asked if I was sure I wanted to do this. I always wonder if things would have been different if she asked.

I aborted my second baby on June 10, 2017 in Whittier, California. It wasn't until the second that my baby was being aborted when I knew that I made the wrong choice. I started crying, nearly having an anxiety attack, and the nurse just tried to calm me down by saying "just a few more minutes."

For my baby I just want to say that mom will always love you. You should be running around this apartment right now trying to take over the world, but I took that away. Your sister is 7 years old, and maybe one day I will have the courage on telling her about you. I know I will be forgiven, but not a day goes by that I don't think of what should have been. I would have made it work, but the easy way out felt like an easy choice. I am sorry,.

6/16/2021 - Canada
Baby Name: Matthew Gorman

Hi Matthew

I just wanted to let you know I am doing ok and getting better. I got my meds sorted out and have new job responsibilities this year coming up. I’ll be teaching students your age.

I wanted you to know I think of you daily and love you forever. I made a mistake that I couldn’t fix. I let other people decide for me. I am sorry for that.

I hope you are happy with God and I can’t wait to meet you one day when I return to God too. Right now I am being strong for my family and girls. I am being strong for my job. I never meant to harm you. I hoped it was pain free and humane. I agreed to it to protect you from being hurt and from pain of maybe not having a dad. Sounds stupid but it made sense to me at the time. I wasn’t going to let anyone hurt you. As a result I did- and I work on forgiveness for myself every day.

Love you and I’m ok!

6/9/2021 - United States
Baby Name: Glory Noelle

Dearest Glory,
The sadness never goes away, but I tell our story in hopes of helping other women and men heal from their abortions.

6/8/2021 - Kenya
Baby Name: Baby

Am so sorry my baby...I was not able to protect you like your mother or defend you to this world that you're a must to come into it. You know what is really so bad, is that you were going to be born on 06/09/2021...your a Virgo baby my child and it hurts me the most because Virgo baby's are awesome to be with. Please he/she forgive me baby. I love you so much...I am sorry, I said I won't do it and promised, but still did it...forgive me baby...I regret it and it can't be reversed...I will forever remember you till the end. I love you.           

5/12/2021 - United States
My precious girls, Sara and Rebecca
Baby Name: Sara Rachel and Rebecca Lynne

My two precious girls. I miss you everyday. Sara, you were my first. I was forced into aborting you. Even at the doctors office, I told the nurse I have changed my mind. She said, “You will be better off, it is not a baby, just tissue. The doctor came in, heard me protesting my abortion. He said, “It’s too late” And I was out. I blocked much of it.

Rebecca, I am sorry my precious. This time I blocked all of what I had done. You were taken in a hospital. I also had my tubes tied so I would not ever have to make the decision to take another’s life.     

5/5/2021 - Barbados
Baby Name: Sharyah Christina

Dear Sharyah
How are you doing today?
I don't know your exact birthdate but I hope you had a great birthday last year. Mother's day is coming up, and I wish you were here with me. I never really thought of myself as a mother, but I want you to know that I love you very much. I think you're beautiful and I know you are going to do great things. I can't wait to meet you.
Love "Elle"
AKA Mum        

3/12/2021 - United States
Dear God
Baby Name: Quadruplets

Dear God,
Thank you for hearing my prayer and forgiving my sin. The 4 children are part of your kingdom. I don't deserve to be called mom, and will not make excuses, as a teenager I should have sought help.
They would be 24 years old this year.
Thank you for allowing me to keep the memory of them.
It is my prayer to know them in heaven.
Thank you for their lives and for saving me.
Sincerely, from a Jesus blood washed sinner, forgiven, now saved  

3/9/2021 - United States
First baby
Baby Name: Madeline

It's so hard for me to look back at what I did almost 29 years ago.
I'm sorry for taking your precious life and for not being able to watch you grow.
I was terrified especially since I was only fifteen.
I thought if my problem is gone it would never be seen.
For years I tried to hide behind all of my pain,
but instead loneliness, depression, hurt, and guilt is what I gained.
Knowing you're in heaven with God is comforting.
I ask the Lord for forgiveness and to stop the suffering.
You're probably wondering why it took me so long to write you this poem.
I knew of God but needed a relationship with him first in order to really know Him.
Thank you for helping me find my way.
Years later when we were trying to conceive I would kneel down and pray.
I wonder about your dad and pray for him occasionally.
I know he is somewhere thinking about you and grieving in his own way.
I know I can't take back what happened and a piece of my heart is torn.
You have a little brother and we pray often for the unborn.
I love you dearly with all of my heart.
A weekend retreat was truly a blessing and was just the start.
I would love to ask you if you could be a part of our family.
The depths of my soul is what only God can see.



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