5/24/2020 - Nicaragua
Baby Name: Paul, Maria Teresa, Maria Faustina

Nothing else in my life terrifies me, hurts me, and makes more desperate still today than that I was able to abort you, my dear Paulito. I got pregnant at the age of 20, and when I turned to my mother she said to me that I had to abort you, Paulito, because she would never give me any kind of financial or moral support to become your mother. I didn't know who to turn to, because I felt I couldn't trust my boyfriend, as he was a violent and abusive man. Moreover, the doctors lied to me when I asked them for an advice, as they said to me that an embryo is not a living child, so that I would be convinced to abort. I regret deeply that I aborted you, Paulito, and it is killing me inside still after many years. I will never forgive myself for aborting you, because I can't forgive myself for not letting you live. When my brother committed suicide and shortly after at the age of 23, I ended up in another dysfunctional relationship, and I attached myself to this evil guy, who treated me like an object, That when I got pregnant with you, my dear Maria Teresita and my dear Maria Faustinita, and I ended up aborting again when the evil boyfriend abandoned me. I felt dead inside and let evil take over my heart again and aborted you, my dear daughters Maria Teresita and Maria Faustinita, which I will deeply regret until my last breath on this earth. My dearest babies Paulito, Maria Teresita, and Maria Faustinita, since then the Lord Jesus saved me, He appeared to me one morning in May 2016, and my life has changed completely. Thanks to my dear Lord Jesus Christ and you, my dear little babies Paulito, Maria Teresita and Maria Faustinita, have taught me what Real Love is. I will love you and honour you deeply forever by doing God's will. I beg you on my knees, my Paulito, Maria Teresita, and Maria Faustinita and God Almighty, to please forgive me, because I should never ever have aborted you, never ever. I believe in divine justice, and I accept to carry your crosses Paulito, Maria Teresita, and Maria Faustinita and to live in penance for the rest of my life. May you Rest in Peace and Have Eternal Life in God's and the Holy Virgin's Mary hearts, Paulito, Maria Teresita, and Maria Faustinita, until we can be together forever as a family in Heaven, Amen. Thank you, Jesus, for saving me. I deeply repent forever my Lord for aborting my children Paulito, Maria Teresita, and Maria Faustinita, Amen.      

5/21/2020 - United States
I'm Sorry
Baby Name: An Angel

I never thought I'd ever have to make a choice like this.
I hope one day you can forgive me.
If I could, I'd do anything just to go back and change things.
I love you so much, this is goodbye for now.
One day we'll meet again. 

5/16/2020 - United States
My forever sweethearts
Baby Name: Unknown

I am so very sorry for doing what I did. Please forgive me each. I am your Mother and always will be. I have asked God to forgive me several times and still carry the guilt and shame for the horrible sins I committed. Please forgive me for not allowing you to live and being so selfish and self-centered. I hope God allows us to meet and reunite one day. I love you all. Your Mom always    

5/10/2020 - United States
Jude S
Baby Name: Alexander Peter

When my earthly journey ends, may I be greeted by you at Heaven’s door.   

4/27/2020 - United States
Baby Name: Little Prince/Princess

To my love,

I was so excited when I found out you were with me, I will never forget that moment. I have this burning desire to see you, but little baby we won’t meet in this lifetime. For most of my life I have felt so alone but when you were with me I felt complete. I think about you and miss you every day, and I’m so sorry for what I did, but my circumstances were such that I couldn’t keep you. You will always be in my heart, and I can’t wait for the day we are together again.


4/21/2020 - United States
To my beautiful souls whom I have yet to meet.
Baby Name: Michael, Magdalene, John Baptiste, Mary & siblings

My dear children,
I have often thought of the terrible pain of losing you and giving up the opportunity to shower my love upon you. I was young, misguided, and justified my decision senselessly.
How I wish I had the opportunity to make this choice again.
I cannot imagine the pain you felt when you learned of my rejection of you nor the physical pain of that horrible moment. I pray you will forgive me, and I promise to pray for you every day for the rest of my days. Please pray for your brother Christian, that his soul may be saved and reunited with you to enjoy heaven with the Light and Love of God. Forgive me, I have no justification, only regrets, much pain and enormous shame. God bless you, and may your Abuela share her love on joyful ways with you until I see you, by the Grace of God.    

4/14/2020 - United States
I'm Sorry...
Baby Name: Lil' Bean

I never named my baby, because I didn't give them a chance to live long enough to know what they were going to be. I am filled with so much guilt and pain. I have so much regret, and it hurts. I'm sorry. I wish I would have stood up and said "no." I wish I would have gotten the chance to love you.
I know that one day I'll be with you again, and I'll remember you until the day I die.   

4/11/2020 - United States
Tiffany & Cody Stiles
Baby Name: Harley Zayne Stiles

Born & Died-to parents Tiffany & Cody Stiles on the 30th day of January 2020.

Gone but never forgotten!  

4/11/2020 - United States
Tiffany & Cody Stiles
Baby Name: Dakotah Blain Stiles

Born & Died-to parents Tiffany & Cody Stiles on the 30th day of December 2018.

Gone but never forgotten!  

4/11/2020 - United States
Tiffany & Cody Stiles
Baby Name: Skylar Addison Stiles

Born & Died-to parents Tiffany & Cody Stiles on the 20th day of September 2019.

Gone but never forgotten!  

4/11/2020 - United States
Tiffany & Cody Stiles
Baby Name: Peyton Rayne Stiles

Born & Died-to parents Tiffany & Cody Stiles on the 6th day of July 2018.

Gone but never forgotten!  

4/11/2020 - United States
Tiffany Smith
Baby Name: Braislynn Malone Smith

Born & died to Tiffany Smith on the 5th day of April 2015.

Gone but never forgotten!  

3/23/2020 - United States
Rose Anne
Baby Name: Lucy

I miss you more than you’ll know

3/17/2020 - Canada
Two Angels in Paradise
Baby Name: Angel 1 and Angel 2

Two years apart, two beautiful angels. I selfishly ended their lives, denying them the joy of life on Earth. What potential did I erase when I pridefully took my life into my own hands and took God out of it? Who was I to throw away these precious gifts from God without a thought or care about them? I just wanted my life back. I wanted my future at all costs, even if it meant denying you yours. And now here I am 30+ years later and wonder who you would have become. Were you boys or girls? What you would have done with your precious lives, had I not selfishly snuffed them out? I am a mother filled with regret. I know you are in Heaven, and I pray you have forgiven me and will let me love you when we meet again. I am so very sorry and so broken by my actions, I know God has forgiven me, but how can I ever forgive myself? Rest in Paradise, sweet angels.   

3/14/2020 - United States
Our first child.
Baby Name: Baby Matthew

Our first child that was never given a chance at life.
We will meet one day.
Love Mom    

3/9/2020 - United States
I Never Forgot About You
Baby Name: Shannon

I am so sorry, my baby. Please forgive me until we can be together again. I have been unable fo forgive myself for the past 39 years.    

3/9/2020 - United States
You're in my heart forever!
Baby Name: Baby Violet or Zak

My daughter aborted when she was 9 weeks. I was not in agreement, but it's her choice. I regret every single day not being persistent about keeping her baby. I grieve in silence, and this little baby will be with me always.  

3/4/2020 - United States
You are Not Forgotten!
Baby Name: Baby #3

There are 3 of my little ones in Heaven. You were the last. And with your end I vowed to God I would never have another abortion again, and I didn't. I love you, and I am so sorry. There was much pain and shame, and I live with regrets. But you are in the presence of my Lord and Savior, where there is no pain, no tears. I know God has forgiven me, and I am healed and will pay tribute to you and your other 2 siblings by helping other young women to not do what I did. Until we meet one day, your mom 

3/4/2020 - United States
You are remembered
Baby Name: Baby #2

I am so sorry! I know you are with your siblings up in heaven. I needed to let you know that you will never be forgotten, and how I so regret the decision I made so long ago to end your life. It was not right then, and it's not right now, but now I have Jesus. I have repented of this terrible sin, and I know He has forgiven me, and I am healed. I am now helping other women to not do what I did. I love you always, and I know you shed no tears in Heaven! Until we meet little one.... 

3/4/2020 - United States
In Honor of You
Baby Name: Baby #1

I love you. I am so sorry I ended your life in my ignorance. I was without real faith then. Forgive me, little one. I know I will meet you in Heaven. I have repented. I am helping others to not do what I did to you. God has healed me from the guilt and shame, but I will never forget you or condone what I did. God has forgiven me, and I know you are in His Glorious Presence. Until we meet I love you! 

3/1/2020 - Australia
In God's loving care
Baby Name: My very first angel

I often wonder whether you were a little boy or girl. I never found out. It wouldn't have made a difference, really - my heart has never healed, nor have I ever recovered from the trauma, guilt, anguish, and disappointment that I did not stand up for myself and refuse the abortion. I was only 17 and not given a choice. My parent's could not deal with the humiliation and loss of respect for the family. I felt so guilty that I had disappointed them, so I went along with their choices. I was told to have the abortion, and then we were to become engaged asap. But first, as punishment, we had to pay for the procedure. That was 49 years ago, and to this day I am still suffering. I so wish that I had given birth to you. I am so very sorry that you were deprived of the chance to live in this world and forge your own path and make your own choices. I doubt that I will ever be at peace because of the way your life was taken away. I fervently hope and trust that you are now in God's loving arms and that my deceased Mother, Father and relatives are also beside you comforting you, finally....please forgive me, forgive them and know that my greatest wish is to one day be reunited with you and finally be able to rest in peace. I did not get to know you or hold you but I have always loved you!     

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