6/7/2024 - United States
Little Warrior
Baby Name: Baby Wesley

Not having you with us is our greatest regret and heartbreak in life! You are loved and missed by so many people! I will never let your fight for life be in vain my sweet child. Love forever, Mom and Dad  

3/24/2024 - United States
Never forgotten
Baby Name: Baby 1 and baby 2

I will always remember you both. I pray for you both. My first baby it was a shock that took you from me. My second baby, I'm so so sorry for not being strong for you and standing up for you. I was a coward. Not strong enough to be your voice. I have asked for forgiveness and God has. He is merciful! He is love. My babies you will always be in my heart. I love you both.    

3/17/2024 - United States
Romeo Emiliano Paea Fifita
Baby Name: Romeo Emiliano Paea Fifita

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.”- Psalm 34:18

Forever & always our angel son, brother, grandson.

Child of Tiffany and Rudy Paea Fifita

05-14-2021 - Eternity  

2/29/2024 - Philippines
Baby Name: Nathaniel Mason

May you forgive mom and look down on her from heaven 

2/24/2024 - United States
Baby Name: Glory Noelle

Your memory is honored by telling our story and speaking of the grief of missing you every day.

2/20/2024 - United States
Baby Name: Angel 1 and Angel 2

I'm sorry for what I did. I'm sorry I did not trust in God and give you life. I'm sorry I chose an easy path that cost you your life. I acknowledge that you are human and what I did was murder. I humbly ask God for forgiveness and will never do this again. I thank God for his grace and mercy.    

2/16/2024 - United States
Baby Name: Joseph Charles

Today is the day you died inside me 12 years ago. I am so very sorry. There are no words that can explain or describe how much I wish you were here. You were the baby your Dad and I wanted since we were 16 years old, but then life went by and we married other people, had kids, etc. We came back together 16 years ago, but he was and is still married, so having you seemed impossible at the time. Now, we look back and wish more than anything we had been strong enough and not fearful of the shame to keep you. I know you are in Heaven with your half-sister August who knew about you, and I know has you in her arms! I know my Mom was there to embrace you, and both of you there to greet my Dad when he got there. I wish you could have been the baby brother to your half-siblings, they would have adored you, please watch over Tanner, Kayden, Owen and Erin!
We love you sweet baby boy!
Mom and Dad    

1/27/2024 - United States
Baby Name: 1984

I am sooooo sorry. My biggest regret to date is letting you go. May you & God forgive me.

1/23/2024 - India
To the baby
Baby Name: Baby

To the baby,

I love you, so much. Your mom and your dad love you immensely. We have always loved babies and have babied each other out of love. We have imagined having a baby together and seeing them grow up.

When you came in my life, I kind of knew that I had someone with me throughout my days. I knew you were in my belly. The test only confirmed my thoughts. I was overwhelmed. I didn't want to cry, but I wanted to take it in that you were with me.

Your father was happy, too. But these emotions couldn't last seconds before thoughts of how it has to be handled flooded in. We immediately panicked, your father handled me and ensured that things will be okay.

I felt guilty about involving him again in my life when I needed him like this. But, it was a blessing in disguise. We held you together, and felt so much love for you. For the three of us. Our small little world in this huge world.

Your father was with me throughout the tests and procedures, he was so careful and attentive about me. He comforted me and made every arrangement for the procedure.

The two days I knew you were with me, I couldn't help but feel complete. I was panicking, obviously, but I was filled with sorrow of parting with you.

I did it because my mom and dad won't be able to handle this. I don't want to imagine what would have happened. I wasn't ready for you, and neither was your dad.

Believe me, we would have loved to be ready for you and welcome you in our arms together, to give you all the love with which we made you.

But I am sorry. I am so sorry, I haven't come this far in life to be able to protect and provide for you. Love just isn't enough. I know that if I had taken better measures in life, maybe, just maybe I would have been earning enough by now and settled with your father to have welcomed you happily. I am sorry, I am not there yet. When I will be, I don't know if I'll be able to make another baby like you because I would be thinking of you only. Your father thinks otherwise.

During the procedure, I felt very cold, scared, and I felt all the pain there was. But, it wasn't so bad because I knew I deserved that pain. Those were my consequences.

Eventually, you left us and only pain was left. I felt the pain in my heart, my soul, and my body. Looking back, I know I deserved it all, but I wasn't taking it well back then. My body was giving up on me, as if my womb was crying for your loss. I felt all of it.

Now that my body and mind is healing, my soul doesn't want it to go back to how things were before you. It doesn't want to forget you.

I am dreading the day I experience no pain, because maybe I won't be reminded of you again and I don't want to forget you. I don't want this pain to go away, because I don't want you to go away.

This is very hard on your father, and I know it'll be harder to understand whatever I feel, because what I'm feeling is illogical and impractical.

I'm filling this hole you left in my soul with things like joy from knitting, cooking, sunlight, movies, warmth of the heater or the blanket, or even cuddles from your father.. but I think it's a bit too deep to fill yet.

Maybe it would have been different if my close friends knew, or another person who has gone through this knew, but right now, I feel alone. It doesn't mean your father isn't of help. He is. He is also going through the loss of you. He loved you immensely. He loves me and I love him, too. We'll figure it out. 

1/5/2024 - United States
Baby Name: Sammy

Dear Sammy,
Although I never got to find out your sex I knew you would be named after your grandparents. I was so happy when I found out you had chosen me to be your mom. I couldn’t believe it. I wanted you! Please know that. Never did I think I’d end up with someone who could not only hurt me, but threaten to hurt you too. That day I should have asked for help. I was so scared. I felt I had no voice. No choice. I felt like a coward who should have fought for her baby. Then another part of me said you would never have to grow up in an abusive household so I convinced myself I did the right thing. I still don’t know if I believe I did. I’m so sorry! It’s almost 10 years and the pain doesn’t go away. I celebrate your “birthday” every March. I always think of the person you would have become. I sit and watch everyone I know become parents. A part of me always cries. I wonder if not getting pregnant after you is my punishment. Then again maybe I haven’t been able to grieve you properly. You were a person to me. You were here! You mattered! You existed! I cared! Although I can’t go back in time just know I think of you always. You’re always in my heart, mind and soul. I pray for the day we can hug each other, and I can whisper how much I love you and I’m sorry!
Love always,
Your Mother!     

9/18/2023 - United States
Baby Name: Zion James

Mommy loves you so much. I always wanted a boy, but that was taken from me. Despite the circumstances, Mommy has loved you from the moment that you were in my tummy and I still do. I know that one day I will meet you and your precious siblings that have gone before you in heaven. I can't wait for that day to come. I have a candle that I light when I think of you. It helps me to remember that you are now in the light of Christ in heaven. I know that you are safe in the arms of God. I know that you have no pain. I know that you are happy and running on those streets of gold. I will never forget you my precious boy.   

9/15/2023 - United States
Ariel Nicole Dacosta
Baby Name: Ariel Nicole Dacosta

“You were born silent into this world, but their little life spoke volumes.” “A life need not be long lived, for it to be meaningful.” “You didn't stay for long, but in those precious few weeks, you changed me forever.”

I will hold you in my heart until I can hold you in heaven 

7/20/2023 - United States
Baby Name: Steven

Some day I will see you in heaven… my precious son…

7/20/2023 - United States
Baby Name: Steven

Some day I will see you in heaven… my precious son…

7/5/2023 - United States
Baby Name: Littlefoot

Dear Littlefoot,

Mommy is so sorry. Mommy has alot of unknown health problems and was scared. The medical community was no help, and I didn’t know what to do. I made the wrong choice after struggling with my mental illness, chronic pain, and no sleep. None of what I did is excusable and I miss you so much. I hope that God will allow me to be with you in heaven when mommy passes away. Mommy and Daddy love you    

6/26/2023 - United States
Anne Kartman
Baby Name: Joanne Marie

I really need you, Jojo my darling one, I miss you so much. I thank God I can talk to you in heaven. Please pray for me Jojo. Pray to the Blessed Mother to help me find peace with your brothers. I know you are sure happy in heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ. Tell Mom and Dad how much I love them. I love you sweetheart. I will see you someday soon. I know you've forgiven me for what I did. Help me forgive myself. Love, Mommy. 

5/26/2023 - United States
Baby Name: Kaylee Ann

I carry you in my heart everyday. I am so sorry I never got to carry you in my arms.

4/1/2023 - Puerto Rico
Vives en mi corazón ❤️‍🩹🙏🏻...
Baby Name: Sebastián Rauseo Cintrón

Mi querido hijo, solo Dios y tu saben el arrepentimiento que cargo desde ese fatal día. No voy a dar excusas por entonces ser demasiado débil y creer en las palabras del mundo. No fui lo suficientemente fuerte para luchar por ti y protegerte. Siempre eres recordado y extrañado. Te arrebatamos la vida cruelmente y desde entonces estás ausente en este mundo. Perdóname hijo y perdóname señor; 🙏🏻    

4/1/2023 - United States
Baby Name: No name

Dear Baby:
As I’ve told you many times in my head, I’m sorry. You were my first conceived child, and I cut your life short out of fear. A foolish fear of what my family and friends would think since I wasn’t married. The pressure I put on myself proved unbearable, and I chose wrong. I did end up telling all my family about you-I miss you every day. The only thing I can hold on to is that you’re safe in the arms of a loving God. And I believe one day I’ll meet you. I’ve decided to never deny your existence, and I do talk about you sometimes. I have a baby box for you at home, a memorial to your short life.
I was selfish and chose myself over your life, which should never have been an option in the first place. I’ve lived with regret everyday, though I have given birth to four other children. Though they will never know their eldest sibling this side of heaven, they will know about you. Your memory will not die with me. I love you, yes I love you, and I’m sorry, baby.

3/15/2023 - United States
Baby Name: Sophia Kimberly or Theodore Maximus

In honor of my baby who I let go at 9 weeks. I'm so sorry that I didn't listen to my heart and keep you. I'm so sorry I let your father and grandmother get into my mind and think you weren't for me. I wish I had felt like I had enough. You were the best thing I've ever been blessed with. You would've been born right around my birthday March 30th. I will always love, remember, and mourn you. I had dreams about your coming and I know you were divine planning. I'm sorry and see why I've been miscarrying now. I hope you are doing okay wherever you are and can forgive me. You are in a beautiful box with flowers and gold and I planted you under my corn plant. I'm so sorry my sweet baby, but at the time I felt this was my only option. I love you and cannot wait to meet you again.      

2/24/2023 - United Kingdom
Baby Name: Nancy Grace

To my precious baby,

I miss you and cry for you every day. My heart is broken and aches for you. I’m so sorry that I caved in to pressure and fear. What was I thinking? If only I could go back and keep you. I hope you are in Heaven with grandad and I will get to hold you when I get there. I love you my beautiful baby. I can only rely on the mercy and compassion of Jesus to get me through the rest of this life without you.      

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