Baby Name: Kiley Michelle
I cannot wait to hold you in heaven.

Baby Name: unknown
In memory of my unborn niece or nephew who was violently taken from my sister when she was 14 years old, by our parents who made her have an abortion. Father God I thank you that this precious life was created by You and that you carry this child in your arms. Thank you Lord that you have a special place in heaven for this unborn baby. I look forward to the day that I can meet my sister's baby in heaven. Please help my sister to heal after 45 years without her baby. In Jesus holy and precious name, Amen

Baby Name: MY BABIES
Please forgive me and know that I love you and will see you in Heaven! I will not give excuses, I was horribly wrong and thanks to God's grace I now know that! I will forever hold you in my heart and some day in my arms!

Baby Name: Brian Jacob or Bella Jane
I will forever regret that I didn’t give you the most not important gift of all... the gift of life. I believe you are in hands of Jesus and that someday your Dad & I will hold you on our arms.

Baby Name: John
Oh my dear baby, I was too weak then and believed the words of the world. I was not strong enough to fight for you and protect you. Please forgive this mamma. You are always remembered and missed. We grabbed your life from you. We are really sorry dear for this cruel deed. You being in heaven with Lord, please forgive this Appa and Amma. With lots of love Yours Mamma.

Baby Name: Baby G & D & what might have been my daughters
I'm so sorry I could not protect you. I was not a very wise young girl, but everyone knew that, even myself. I love your daddy and the whole family down here & up there. Please pray to Jesus for your daddy (he is so lost) and mommy and all your family down here. You are mourned and missed everyday. Please forgive us God and all your brothers and sisters who are now enjoying your birthdays in heaven with Jesus. Sending love and hugs and kisses up to you. Love always, Mom, Auntie & Gramma

Virginia J
Baby Name: Paul, Joseph, and Mary Caroline
You three little ones were lost during various stages of my pregnancies. Although my womb rejected you, my heart never could. I love you dearly and someday I will hold you in my arms in Heaven.

Baby Name: Ashley
You would be 30 years old now, there isn’t a day that passes that I don’t think of you! I’m so sorry for robbing you of your life! I love you so much! Please forgive me for being selfish and weak! One day I shall meet you ❣️🙏🏼

Baby Name: Ryan
You would be 45 years old now. I was a frightened 18 year old then. And I have always regretted my decision. I love you and I will hold you in Heaven.

Baby Name: Michael George
Mikey, I miss you all the time. Since that terrible day in 1979, I've had this sadness that will never go away until I see you. I hope with all my heart that you did not feel any pain that day. I am so sorry. Since, I know you are in the presence of our Lord, Our Blessed Mother, and with all the Angel's and the saints, I know your soul is bright light. I know, yours is a forgiving beautiful soul. I can feel your angelic presence in my life. My Guardian Angel Michael George, I love you.