This is the place to give love and honor to your child who was lost due to an abortion. Since you were unable to have a burial for your child, this online memorial can be a helpful alternative and part of your journey of healing.

If your child was miscarried or stillborn you too may not have had an opportunity to have a burial for your child. This online memorial can also be a place for you to express the love you have for that child which will remain forever.

Family members may also participate in this memorial because the loss of a child has its impact on the entire family.

Your Recovery

The grief and anger you may still have can cause all sorts of problems in your life. If you haven't found someone to help you deal with your emotions, click on LINKS above for resources available to you. This website does not go into details about the symptoms you may be suffering from. Rather than repeat the same information already out there, our goal is to simply point you in the right direction.

The Memorials

The most important thing you can do for your unborn child is to acknowledge him or her as a real person that actually existed. This will help you develop a real relationship with your child and help you find closure. When someone we love dies, we have a funeral and can visit their grave at anytime. With most unborn children, there is no memorial service... there is no grave to grieve over and to mark their existence in this world. That's why was created. Here you can give your child a little space to remember them by and to tell the world that they were here, if only for a short time.

You can write a poem, a letter or a song. You can tell your child just how much you love them. You can do whatever you want to show your love. Our hope is that this memorial web site will help you give identity to your child and put you on the path to a brighter future. We'd love to hear from you about how this site has helped you. Please feel free to CONTACT US and tell us about it.

What People Are Saying

  • What an incredible website you guys have created. It has provided me with a sense of closure and peace.
  • It was such a remarkable feeling to finally say and write the words. Thank you for your wonderful organization.
  • Thank you so much for providing me a means to express the love I have for my daughter. God bless you.
  • At first I thought the idea of memorializing unborn children was strange, but now I realize just how important it is.
  • I'm sure all those little children are smiling down on this wonderful ministry. Thanks for keeping it FREE!

Please TELL US what your thoughts are. Has this web site opened the door to healing for you? Did it help you find closure? We'd like to share your comments.