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 Memorial: 654
 Date: Thursday
New Zealand
Child's Name: Pea
Dearest Pea,
Daddy and I love you so much. I am so sorry your life was taken from you. I know you know how unwell I was at the time but that is no excuse. Your Daddy wishes so much he had tried harder to save you. Please help him to find healing and peace. Thank you so much for asking God to send us little Bean. They are getting bigger in my tummy now. I promise to take the best care of them I can. Thank you for helping me to not get sick this time. Please ask God to look after us. I find peace knowing you are with Jesus and He was the first thing you ever saw. Oneway we will all be together as a family. I cannot wait to hold you.
Love your Mum

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 Memorial: 653
 Date: Wednesday
James Hart
United States of America
Child's Name: Littlefoot

You would hate me if you knew what I put your mother through, and how much she wanted me to let you be here with us. She can't enjoy anything anymore, because she doesn't feel it's fair to be happy without you here. I stole you from her, and I didn't understand what I did. I stole this world from you. I wish we knew you weren't suffering. She calls you Littlefoot and I think she hates it when I try to share in the pain with her. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me.

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 Memorial: 652
 Date: Tuesday
United States of America
Child's Name: Lincoln/Grace
My love,
I should have fought harder for you. I wanted to love you and give you everything I possibly could've. I was scared and weak. I was afraid of hurting other people and changing their lives by giving you one. I should've chosen you and I am so sorry. I will never forgive myself for the decision that I made. I will never forget you. It would have been an honor to be your mommy.
I love you with all my heart, forever.

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 Memorial: 651
 Date: Sunday
United States of America
Child's Name: Serena Lynn
To my child, I love you and I look forward to seeing you someday.
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 Memorial: 650
 Date: Friday
Sarah Needs
Child's Name: Micah
Dear Micah angel,

Mummy is sorry she didn't protect you. Thank you for keeping mummy well, safe and never lonely the short time you had. Am sorry I never gave you a chance or fought for you. I hope and wish someday I'll meet you in heaven. I can only imagine. What you would have been like and am sure you would have made your momma proud. Mummy loves you. Mummy misses you everyday my love. I'll never forget you. RIP. Stay safe in arms of Jesus baby Micah.

Am sorry I disappointed you Jesus.. please take care of Micah.

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 Memorial: 649
 Date: Monday
United States of America
Child's Name: Angel baby
I am so sorry you were not allowed to live. I made the dumbest mistake of my life. The grief and anguish I feel for you has pained my soul everyday . I pray that you forgive mommy, I love you dearly angel baby. I hope you are with your cousin and relatives in heaven. You existed and you are still loved. One day we will be together. Forgive mommy
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 Memorial: 648
 Date: Sunday
United States of America
Child's Name: Grace & Hope
A house full of children but one cannot forget two precious children we tried to forget. I regret all that I did and the reasons why. You are in my heart until the day I die.
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 Memorial: 647
 Date: Monday
United States of America
Child's Name: Ava
I'm so sorry baby Ava. Please forgive mommy for not being your voice. I love and miss you my love.My heart aches for you everyday.Rest in Heaven.
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 Memorial: 646
 Date: Saturday
Brent M Keith
United States of America
Child's Name: Alex Joseph Keith
Alex Joseph Keith, you are loved and not forgotten.
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 Memorial: 645
 Date: Saturday
United States of America
Child's Name: Peter
I love you Peter, and please forgive me. Please pray for mommy.
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