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 Memorial: 545
 Date: Thursday
United States of America
Child's Name: Jack Larron
My darling Jack,
You were in my womb for a short time, but I think of you often.
I am a Mom forever. Although I do not always acknowledge it.
I was 23 and your father would not have anything to do with me when I found out I was pregnant with you.
I love you so much Jack. I wish I could see your face today. Sometimes I do. It has been 22 years and you would have been 21 this past January. I grieve for your loss so much.
I love you with all my heart.


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 Memorial: 544
 Date: Monday
United States of America
Child's Name: Baby D
To my baby... You left a mark on my heart that has changed me forever. I think of you everyday and I want you to know that I love you. I felt a connection to you that I can't explain. I wonder if you felt that too. I hope you know that I love you and hope you can forgive me. I'm not religious but I fantasize about seeing you one day. I love you... Love, Mama
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 Memorial: 543
 Date: Sunday
Bethan Rhodes
United Kingdom
Child's Name: Joshua Daniel rhodes
For my boy Joshua

Joshua I love you so much it would take all the stars in the universe, with all that i am and all you are. my life as never been the same without you. Joshua not having you with me kills me everyday. Joshua You were a huge surprise one I wish every second were so you could have been here, by my side so i could see who you look like - me or your daddy, so i could hold you, cwtch and squeeze you (huge hugs), tell you how much I love you, to see your beautiful smile, to hear you laugh and giggle but also for you to call me mammy and to hear you say I love you mammy. I miss you more everyday and wish every morning you were here. I want you to know I love you Joshua and oneday we will meet and when I cwtch you I will never let go. forever with me in my very being, heart and soul xx big kisses , hugs and love forever my big boy Joshua X

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 Memorial: 542
 Date: Thursday
Child's Name: Lille My
kære Lille My
Hvor ville jeg ønske jeg havde gjort ting anderledes. Jeg tænker på dig hver dag og elsker dig højt. Jeg er så ked af mit valg. Jeg ved du holder øje med os og at vi en dag endelig skal være sammen. Sov godt Lille My
Kys fra mor

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 Memorial: 541
 Date: Saturday
Hannah Gibbs
United Kingdom
Child's Name: My two beautiful twins
Forever in my heart, forever in my thoughts
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 Memorial: 540
 Date: Wednesday
Child's Name: Lily

I love you and miss you every day andi am sorry you are not here please forgive me

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 Memorial: 539
 Date: Wednesday
Rachel Sullivan
United States of America
Child's Name: Phillip Raiden
By my hand my son (chosen sex) went to be with the Lord, at just 6 weeks, November 2005.

He was laid to rest Sept. 9th 2012 in a memorial service for those in post abortion counseling.

He is my inspiration now to help other women see that every life is precious and that abortion changes your life forever.

Phillip I wished I would have loved you in your life, as much as I do in your death.

Until we meet again my angel. Rest In Peace.

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 Memorial: 538
 Date: Monday
Melissa Wessner
United States of America
Child's Name: Taylor
Dear Taylor,
I love you. You are a gift I wish I could have back. You first birthday is coming up and I can't stop thinking of you. I know you are in heaven with God watching over me. I love you. I hope heaven is beautiful for you Taylor.
Love your mom.

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 Memorial: 537
 Date: Monday
Angela Arana
United States of America
Child's Name: Noah Arana
Baby Noah I think about you everyday and wish things turned out differently so you could be here with us. For now save a place for me in Heaven and I only hope to see you someday.
Love, your mom

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 Memorial: 536
 Date: Saturday
michelle luzu
United States of America
Child's Name: Sophia
You are my loving child that now i want the most back. Im sorry for not defending you by everyone. I love you deeply my situation at that moment did not allow me to think it thru and now while im grieving thru this it is easier for me to be able to have you. Im sorry hm:

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