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 Memorial: 565
 Date: Monday
United States of America
Child's Name: Austin & Jasmine
My sweet Austin, you would now be 17 and my sweet Jasmine, you would now be 15. I can't believe I made the same mistake twice but I was young and I felt I had no other choice. I now know that I did. The only thing that gives me solace is knowing you are both in God's arms waiting for the day to meet me in Heaven. I love you both sooooooo much more than words can ever express. I miss you both each & every day.

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 Memorial: 564
 Date: Monday
United Kingdom
Child's Name: My baby girl...Angel
My darling baby, you would be about 1 year now, you already know how much I regret my decision to send you to heaven, from all those times I looked up to the sky to talk to you, in the early days, I try my hardest each and everyday to keep strong so one day I will deserve to finally be with you in heaven. You are safer up above in Gods loving arms, I couldn't have given you the life you so deserved my sweetheart x like I used to tell you every night, I love you Angel, im sorry for being weak at the moment, I felt I wasn't worthy of being your mother and showing my love to you, We know our time together was short, but your place in my heart will always remain, you are so special and our bond will not break
I will love you always, Angel
Happy 1st Birthday

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 Memorial: 563
 Date: Monday
United States of America
Child's Name: Gracie
Love, miss you everyday.
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 Memorial: 562
 Date: Thursday
Anita, Graham and Sebastian
United States of America
Child's Name: William
for our son, William, who we never got to meet but who is loved most deeply. Never a day goes by that we do not think of you -BADWORD-
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 Memorial: 561
 Date: Wednesday
Laurie Howe
United States of America
Child's Name: baby Howe
To my sweet baby that I never got to meet because of my own stupidity. I should have fought to be able to keep you. I made the biggest mistake of my life and I have been battling myself trying to forgive myself. I know God has forgiven me but, I am unable to forgive myself or forget. I know you are in Heaven with God and safe in his love. I cannot wait to meet you and give you all the love I have in my heart for you.
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 Memorial: 560
 Date: Tuesday
Child's Name: jonah
Always loved and missed. xo
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 Memorial: 559
 Date: Monday
Patricia Dominguez
United States of America
Child's Name: Baby Santiago
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you. I try to imagine what you look like. Whether you have your dad's nose or mine. His big brown eyes or mine. Beautiful dark curly hair and pale skin just like mine. An angel's smile and an infectious laugh. I miss you so much and I hope you forgive me for what I did. I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough. I'm sorry I didn't fight harder. You deserved better than the little I could give. You deserved so much more. I should've put you first above myself. I should've known that you weren't an accident, but a blessing that I was supposed to have. I was meant to have you. I love you, as hard as it would be to believe, I do. I love you.
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 Memorial: 558
 Date: Friday
Adrian M. Bailey
United States of America
Child's Name: Seth Eugene
This year Seth you would have been 41 years old. I've lived without you for all this time and I am just now realizing the loss of not having you. It has taken a long time to come to this healing. God has helped me acknowledge your existence and accept that you love me and it is okay to love you even though I had an abortion.

I wish I had you in my life. I know you would be a joy.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in heaven. Until that day you are now always in my thoughts.

Your Mom,

Adrian M. Bailey

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 Memorial: 557
 Date: Monday
South Africa
Child's Name: baby mac
my precious inspirationTo our little angel ......forever in our . Until we meet in heaven. love mommy and daddy
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 Memorial: 556
 Date: Sunday
United States of America
Child's Name: Trevor
Today is Mother's Day, the third Mother's Day since I've let you go. I thought they would get easier each year but as it turns out that isn't true.

I'm always thinking of you, Trevor, and what you would be like now. You will be with me always.

I love you, Trevor

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