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 Memorial: 600
 Date: Wednesday
United States of America
Child's Name: Christopher, Alexander, Katerina,Dominic
My four little gifts from heaven. Safe now in Our Father's hands. I pray for our reunion someday. I love you all so much and miss you terribly. Pray for us that we can help put an end to this killing of the pre-born
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 Memorial: 599
 Date: Thursday
United States of America
Child's Name: Baby
In loving memory of my baby who is in heaven with Jesus. I love you sweet baby and will see you someday
Love, Mom

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 Memorial: 598
 Date: Saturday
United States of America
Child's Name: Caysen
Oh dear Caysen, my beautiful grandson. I'm so sorry that your mother chose this decision to end your life. Please know that your daddy fought for you since day one. You would've had the best daddy in the world. He's so sad that he wasn't able to protect you in your mother's womb. What should've been the most safest place for you on earth. I'm so sorry lil buddy. I often wonder why. Why this happened. You were a healthy baby boy. A viable baby. A baby that was very much wanted and loved by your daddy's side of the family. I know you're in good hands now. You're with Jesus. I love you. And I can't wait to meet you one day.
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 Memorial: 597
 Date: Thursday
valerie Travis
United States of America
Child's Name: tate Montgomery Travis
In memory of my Angel baby taken to soon from this precious world mommy loves you and misses you dearly you would have been born March 3 this year fly free with the angels I love you to the moon and back.
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 Memorial: 596
 Date: Wednesday
United States of America
Child's Name: Matthew Luke & Mark Issac
My precious twin boys,I am soo sorry that I took Gods role into my own hands and made the tragic decision to end your lives. I will never look into your eyes never hold you. I missed the chance to watch you grow. Its been 18 1/2 years since I had you 2 in my belly, and I still cry for you every single day. Please my beautiful sons forgive me for what i did. For taking away the chance for you 2 to live. My heart aches for you. For a very long time I was scared that you were alone and unloved, but I have since started to get close to my heavenly father, and now I know that you have never not for one moment been alone, and unloved I know you boys have felt more love than I can even imagine. I lost my earthly daddy almost 1 year ago, I know he is with you holding you now.Matthew, Mark I love you boys with every ounce of my heart, and I will strive everyday for the rest of my life to be the person I need to be so that I can be reunited with you boys in heaven.

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 Memorial: 595
 Date: Monday
United States of America
Child's Name: Racheal
My dearest child, my angel. my loss and my love. Rachael please forgive me for ending your life. At the time I did not have the confidence to go on by myself without your father, who I believed I would loose if I kept you. My pride of being a good girl and embarrassing my parents who had always thought I had to be perfect, was too much for me to bear. They were already unhappy with my choosing your father as my partner. I did not want to disappoint them any more. So I hid your blessed existence from them and convinced myself that ending your life was best. What a tragic mistake. I wish I could go back in time and change my poor decision. I would have been strong enough to have you on my own, and just did not realize my strength. I would have been a good mother, had I not failed you. I have suffered for 33 years with depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety and guilt all because of your death at my hands. Forgive me child, I know I have asked this of you many times before. There are times I dream of you and feel your little hands holding my face to yours. Grant me your prayers and pray that one day we are reunited in heaven. I will show you my love and cherish you for all eternity. It is you, child who makes me fight to end abortion, to be active in a fight against evil. It is my gift to you. You gave your life for me, I give my fight for justice to you. Love,

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 Memorial: 594
 Date: Saturday
United States of America
Child's Name: Someone I used to know
Today, 12/12/2015 marks the 2 year anniversary of the biggest mistake of my life. If I only knew then how things would be now. I regret every last second of that day and the days prior as I continued to convince myself that Satan's lies and that aborting you was for the best. Now the only image I have of you is the one permanently fixed in my head of your heartbeat on an ultrasoud monitor while tears poured out of my eyes and I told the abortion 'counselor' I wanted to have you but your father would never understand. I was scared of losing your dad because he didn't want anymore children. I was scared of people finding out I was an unwed mother. But little did I realize I should have been scared of losing you. Now there is a permanent hole in my life that will never go away. Now I have a constant reminder of what could have been as I look at your dad's face and I regret giving up the one person that was both him and I blended perfectly. Someday I will see you in Heaven and I hope you will forgive me for never taking the chance to know you. You would have been amazing and I wish I had taken the time to really think things through and choose to love you and keep you versus miss you and grieve you. Please forgive me.
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 Memorial: 593
 Date: Friday
United Kingdom
Child's Name: Sleeping Beauty
My tiny baby you deserved so much better but I now realise that all you would have needed was my love. I can't believe the choice I made and regret it every day, I keep you with me here and hold you every day. I will never be the same again, forgive me for being a selfish Mummy to you, am I worthy of that name, NO. I pray that you didn't suffer and hope you are at peace now. How I wish things could have been different you'd be here growing in my tummy now. How can you ever forgive me. I won't say goodbye as you are in my heart and always will be.
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 Memorial: 592
 Date: Tuesday
United States of America
Child's Name: Angel
Rip my beautiful baby mommy will always love you and your sissy Madison. If it was my choice you would be right here n my belly growing I'll always remember u kiss your brothers for me
Rest in paradise my love

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 Memorial: 591
 Date: Tuesday
Yvonne Hahn
United States of America
Child's Name: Dena Grace
Having a memorial for my baby Dena would give her dignity that she so rightly deserves after the violence of her death.
I am very interested in beginning doing memorials in my community. As to be expected, women are very reluctant to talk about their abortion(s). It is a taboo topic that needs to be opened up and doing a memorial could be a way to begin a conversation.

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