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 Memorial: 467
 Date: Monday
United States of America
Child's Name: Renessme
Renessme M. Perez
You'll always be in my heart and i don't need to show it because I love you matter what happens. Me and your dad will always be by your side and I believe that you'll be in a better place with your grandpa and uncle. Essme I love you with all my heart and I miss you.... Be good

Renessme M. Perez

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 Memorial: 466
 Date: Sunday
Brenda Larson
United States of America
Child's Name: Shannon
Shannon you are loved and thought of often, I will always remember you and regret my decision that cost you your life. Not allowing you to live your life has been the greatest loss to our family. I will always wonder what you are like, who you look like and what gifts and talents God gave you to share with this world. YOU ARE MISSED!!! I know that you are in the arms of Jesus and some day our family will be reunited in heaven. Thank you Jesus for taking care of our little one.
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 Memorial: 465
 Date: Friday
Margen Martin
United States of America
Child's Name: Hope
I think of you always and do love you and wonder if you ever just sit up their in Heaven and watch me
I love you Baby Hope I really do

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 Memorial: 464
 Date: Thursday
United States of America
Child's Name: angel
To my 1st grandchild I will never hold..When I found out that you had existed it was too late and you were already taken. Had I known I would have done everything in my power to protect you and your mommy despite what your father wanted. I know your mommy loves you and if given the chance to do things over I know she would have come to grandma so that I could have helped her. I can only imagine how beautiful you are and I have days I just cry because I will never know. Please forgive your mommy and know that we love you and will someday all be together.

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 Memorial: 463
 Date: Wednesday
United States of America
Child's Name: baby
Forever in my heart. I love and miss you
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 Memorial: 462
 Date: Sunday
United States of America
Child's Name: unknown
I asked God, begged God, knocked on the door, I banged on the door, cried on my knees and wailed on my knees for your forgiveness with a pure heart. and you have granted me forgiveness. And you have granted me mercy. For I will see my baby in it's glory when I get there. Our loving and merciful Lord renews all things.
And I will hold you for the first time in thy heavenly kingdom.

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 Memorial: 461
 Date: Sunday
Child's Name: Loann
Lieve Loann,

Ik heb zo'n spijt wat ik heb gedaan. Sinds je weg bent mis ik je zo erg. Iedere dag hoop ik dat ik de tijd kan terug draaien maar het kan niet. Ik wil je bij me. Ik hou van je. Ik wil je zo graag zien. Je krijgt daar alles wat je nodig hebt maar ik mis je zo.



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 Memorial: 460
 Date: Sunday
Child's Name: Kayly Isabelle Allan
In seventeen days you were due to be born. Not a day goes by that I don't hate myself for robbing you of your life, and not a day goes by that daddy and I don't think of you.

Six months ago I made the worst decision of my life, because I thought I had no other choice. This should never be the answer. I pray every day that women, put in my position as a young mother, will see that they have been given a gift and not a burden.

Mommy loves you very much, Kayly. You will always be my little girl, no matter how far away you may be.

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 Memorial: 459
 Date: Tuesday
United States of America
Child's Name: Avery Marie
Losing you was something that I never wanted. I was pressured into believing that I had no choice. The decision that I made 24 years ago still haunts me till this day. I wonder what you would have looked like, if you would have had your daddy's cute nose or my dark eyes. I have longed to hold you in my arms and see your sweet face. I feel so ashamed that I robbed you of your life and robbed myself of knowing you. I trust that your spirit resides with God until we are reunited again in heaven.
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 Memorial: 458
 Date: Saturday
The undeserving mother
Child's Name: Pa
Words can not express my heart...
The pain comes and goes but your thought is forever present!
I just pray for your understanding - I don't deserve or want forgiveness! Nothing will undo the life I took and I will suffer everyday for this...
Love you forever and always

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