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 Memorial: 500
 Date: Saturday
Child's Name: Baby boy
Your dad will always miss you and think about I promise to do better and work harder so this want happen again love u now and forever son


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 Memorial: 499
 Date: Thursday
United States of America
Child's Name: Amber
Dear Amber it's be long time that mommy miss you so much today I had you on my mind I think about you all the time some time when I hold other people baby I feel like it you i miss how you was growing in my stomach the other night I cry I was hold your baby monkey I want you to know that I will always love you no matter what I hope some day that you will com see me in my dreams love mommy 👶👼👼& #128591;💖💖&# 128099;👣✨&#12 7775;🌟😘&#128 536;😔😔&#1285 32;
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 Memorial: 498
 Date: Monday
United States of America
Child's Name: elizabeth
I wish I had been braver and not so scared..I have regretted my decision for 27 years..I know that God forgives me..and you do is hard to forgive myself..I wish you were here with me and your brothers and hope is on the Lord and his Divine Mercy..I love you and want you to pray for me..that I make ot to heaven with you.
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 Memorial: 497
 Date: Tuesday
United States of America
Child's Name: Thomas (Tommy)
Oh sweet precious baby. I loved you and lost you before I could ever hold you and smell your sweetness, feel you nurse gently at my breast and bring joy to my heart. Where joy should have been, there was deep emptiness, sadness, shame, anger and confusion. I know mother Mary is holding you lovingly in her arms until I can meet you in eternity and hold you forever in mine. I love you my lil Tommy boy.
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 Memorial: 496
 Date: Wednesday
Sabrina wynn
United States of America
Child's Name: MY Angel
I am so sorry if I knew then what I know now or had the faith then that I have today I would have never ever aborted u. I would have trusted God above the fear. For years I could feel u laying beside me. I know you are my guardian Angel in heaven. I have been married for 6 years and haven't been able to conceive. I am so33 and at times Satan tries to make me believe that is the reason I can't have a baby is because of what I did to u. But I know God has forgive me and I will see u one day. I love u with all my heart and can't wait to hold u in my arms when I am with u in heaven. I don't know if u were a boy or girl but know u are my Angel.
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 Memorial: 495
 Date: Friday
Cherryl Bond
United States of America
Child's Name: Mark, Randal, and Lisa
I miss you so much my sweet, innocent children I regret losing you all the time. These tears of sorrow water seeds that grow up to heaven connecting us some day. I would save the lost for you, or even die for you now. I can't wait to see you and hold you in my arms, but until then I have work to do for GOD, on my pro life journey. I have dreams of you--so beautiful, beyond description. Jesus has you now and forever, my Randal, Mark,and Lisa. Jesus lights your face of pearls, shining for all eternity.
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 Memorial: 494
 Date: Wednesday
United States of America
Child's Name: Noah
I think about you every minute, every hour. You were all I ever wanted, you would have been so loved. We could have shown you the world. I am to blame and one day when I meet you, if you'll have me, I will love you. I miss you everyday. Your Dad will miss you everyday, he wanted you more than anything. I am forever sorry
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 Memorial: 493
 Date: Saturday
Mary Kemp
United States of America
Child's Name: Baby Cornelius & StemCells
Happy Birthday Baby Cornelius & StemCells
I can't wait to hold you all in Heaven or Heaven on Earth.

Love Mom on Mother's Day,

Thanks 4 all your prayers

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 Memorial: 492
 Date: Friday
Karen Tracey
United Kingdom
Child's Name: Zakk Tracey
I miss you baby boy, not a day goes by that I don't think of you. It's coming up to your twin brothers birthday, he's going to be five in three days and it's always now that I think of you even more than I normally do, I should be buying presents for two little boys, not one and I should be able to hold you both and tell each of you how much I love you, I always wonder if you would of looked like me, if you would have had your brothers personality, and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to pick up the strength to make a memorial for you, the day your brother was born I spent the night in hospital and I cried because I should of been holding you in my arms too! Mummy misses you every day sweet baby and I hope that one day you'll find your way back to where you belong in my arms so until we meet again stay strong and know that no matter what your mummy loves and misses you with all her heart
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 Memorial: 491
 Date: Thursday
United States of America
Child's Name: Taylor
My dear Taylor. Know I loved you more than anything and i would do anything to get you back. I miss you every day and I can't wait for the day I'll meet you again. I know Hashem is watching over you. I love you forever and always.
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