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 Memorial: 692
 Date: Wednesday
Lolade Adams
Child's Name: Jackson
Dear Jackson,

Since the day it happened, the visions continue to remain in my head. The letters i started to write you from day 1. I am so so so sorry for all the pain that I have caused you. I want you to know that I love you. I am a young university student. I promised myself that once I have my first child, I will give them everything in the world. Your father and I were not meant to be. He did not care for me the way I started to care for him. I wish it ended different. Please forgive me. I am not 100% sure on whether or not you were a boy or girl, but my heart feels that you were a beautiful boy.
You are the reason why I have not taken my life. I have had thoughts of that, but every morning I gain a little amount of strength to continue on and dedicate my life to you. I wish I could give you the world Jackson, my only wish.

I don't want you to think that you were not loved thats why I decided to do it. That is not the case, I wanted to be with someone who loved me. I wanted to be with a man that I would want you to be. I hope you understand. I wanted you to grow up in a household where your parents are loving and caring for one another, not watching me go through heartbreak. He did not care for me like I thought he did, and mommy feels dumb every time she thinks about it. I did not want to put you through the heart ache of your father not wanting you. but please know that I love you so so so so much.

I am sorry for being irresponsible. I learned from my mistake. I will continue to ask God everyday to forgive me, you as well. I promise to become a better woman. I promise to become a better woman for your future siblings.

From this day forward, you are the reason why I wake up every morning, you are the reason why I am becoming stronger. I feel that you are pushing me to keep going. I feel that you forgive me and want me to continue on. You are my rock Jackson, I want you to know that.

From this day forward, you are the reason why I breath. Everything, I dedicate to you. When I graduate university, you are the reason why I pushed through. I will dedicate my degree to you Jackson, because everything I do now is because of you.

I pray that you forgive me for making that hard decision. I pray that you know that I love you and I am so so sorry. I pray that you believe every word that I am saying now even though it is hard for me to type it out. Even though actions speak louder than words, I will show you my promises, and I hope that you are looking down at me. I don't know what else to do to show that I love you and I am so so so sorry.

I will continue to write letters to you. I will continue to think of you my beautiful angel. I hope you are up there feeling the peace, happiness, and love that you deserve to have.

I dedicate my whole life to you Jackson, you changed it.
I love you.

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 Memorial: 691
 Date: Wednesday
Jaspreet and Jonathan
United Kingdom
Child's Name: Unborn baby
02/06/2018 to are beautiful baby we are going to miss your lots you will always be in are heart
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 Memorial: 690
 Date: Thursday
Nicola Watts
United Kingdom
Child's Name: Baby acorn
. I'll miss you always, mummy
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 Memorial: 689
 Date: Monday
United States of America
Child's Name: Kalani Nicole Garcia
Forever in my heart.
December 2013 birth month/ year

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 Memorial: 688
 Date: Saturday
Susan A. Lightcap (Thurman-Rincon)
United States of America
Child's Name: Michelle
My Little Angel, Michelle, this is the second time I verbally spoken your Name, but you have always been in my heart. I remember coming home back in 1983, weighing only 98 lbs. I can still see my dear friend from St. Juliana Catholic Church asking me to come to her house after Church. We sat in her bedroom and it was as if the Holy Spirit moved in that room, so full of Love and Peace. My friend said for me to Give you a name, this was after seeking forgiveness for what I had done to you. The name Michelle spilled out of my mouth like crystal blue water. I was allowed a small glimpse of you in the arms of our Blessed Lord Jesus. Healing had begun. I am truly sorry for not giving you life here on Earth, you are with Jesus. You Grandparents, Nary Anne and John H. Thurman knew about you and loved you just the same. I love you so much and I know in my heart when I am called home, you, my precious little one will be next to Our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary, welcomeing me into Heaven. Your Grandparents are with you as well. Please give them a hug for me, okay?
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 Memorial: 687
 Date: Tuesday
Lean De Los Santos
United States of America
Child's Name: Angel Gabriel
No sabia lo que era amar infinitamente a alguien hasta que te conoci y te tuve conmigo por tan poquito tiempo, ahora que no te tengo es el dolor y el vacio mas horrible que jamas en mi vida habia sentido, si en el cielo angelito tu sientes algo de dolor o sufrimiento,yo le pido a Dios sufrir yo por ti y que tu seas el angelito mas feliz de su hermoso reino, un lugar muchisimo mas hermoso que este mundo tan frio y cruel, no existen palabras que puedan describir lo que daria por tenerte aqui conmigo, si me pidieran intercambiar mi vida por la tuya 1,000 veces sin pensarlo lo hiciera! te amo y sere siempre tuya❤️
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 Memorial: 686
 Date: Sunday
Child's Name: Amelya
My dear Amelya, I'm so sorry I had to let you go. It was such a difficult decision. I hope you understand. I cried so much up until your final moment. I still cry a lot. I'm sure you would have been so pretty and smart. I grieve that I will never meet you and hold you in my arms. I love you and will always miss you. May you be happy wherever you are. May we meet one day in another world.
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 Memorial: 685
 Date: Sunday
United States of America
Child's Name: I've never told anyone, God knows it
Im laying here crying. I cry every day. Your all i think about. I took a pill that so many told me would give me relief & my miserable/lonely life back. Your dad treated me so badly, i wanted away from him so much that I forgot you were also half of me. I couldn't see past my pain or fear until the night i felt u die inside me. I knew u were gone...ill never forgive myself fully for taking u away. You could have been my light, and what saved me from my lonely life. Im trying to live for u...but its been hard. Im so sorry. You picked me and i let u down. I would give anything to bring u back. My baby; feb 25-april 3/4th...i was 7 weeks when i destroyed the most beautiful gift i ever received. I have been so badly emotionally abused...please dont kill your baby because of who the dad are the mother and that is YOUR child. I will never step foot into an abortion office again.
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 Memorial: 684
 Date: Saturday
Amber Locke
United States of America
Child's Name: Lyndon Brooks Locke
My precious Lyndon. I loved and wanted you. You will be in my heart and in my dreams. Im so sorry my precious little baby. I wasnt strong enough to carry you and could not make you whole. You will not be forgotten and have made a huge mark on your families life. Sweet baby I remember your beautiful face in ultrasound and it will be in my eyes for as long as they can open. Love you for eternity. Your mommy! XOXOXO
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 Memorial: 683
 Date: Thursday
United States of America
Child's Name: Christian
My beloved baby boy. How beautiful you would have been. I would have given my life for you. Never would I have let any harm come to you. Your time with me was so brief. But you were here and I will never forget you. You would be 22 now. If it was something I did that caused you to stop forming, please forgive me. Thank you for coming to me and for being my baby. I love you.
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